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Music is something that cleanses your soul. And to make music, one has to put their soul in it in order to make that piece beautiful. A guitar is a musical instrument that lives up any piece of music and turns it into a masterpiece. Playing a guitar beautifully requires mastering it and to do that a lot of dedication and love for it is needed. Along with the skill and determination in playing a guitar, equipments like capo is needed in order to enhance the pitch of the guitar. A capo is a device which if clamped down across the fingerboard at a certain fret, lessens the length on the guitar strings which aids immensely in gaining higher pitches than usual.

There are capos available in different types in the market. Different materials used in capo will result into different types of notes in the guitar and also make a difference in the functionality. A capo is not just for experts; in fact beginners can use it in order to learn the songs on the acoustic guitar as it allows them to play a wide range of keys without instantly learn the barre chords. The placing of the custom guitar capos also matters greatly.

However, today, there are several companies that offer variety of capos but the one that stands out is Thalia Capos. Their each and every design is structured to impress people. Thalia Capos was the idea of young girl in 2010. Her father Chris then worked on some 70 prototypes and 4 years later finally came up with Thalia capos. The designs of Thalia Capos have a unique reverse action design that makes it easy to apply with just the fretting hand. They serve their products through an e-commerce website through which they exhibit their whole collection of magnificent guitar capos, each designed with perfection and great levels of creativity. You can choose from their wide collection & exclusive collection and get your own guitar capo for sale. They have also won several awards such as the 2016 Edison Award, 2016 Red dot Product Design Award and 2015 Good Design Award.

About Thalia Capos

Thalia Capos is a renowned company that has an exclusive collection of guitar capos. Through their e-commerce store, they display their capo designs and people can buy guitar capo at great rates. For more information, or to order your own guitar capo, visit