Buy Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer from a Leading Brand

Health and hygiene are the two terms which are closely interrelated and if you don’t take care of your personal hygiene you are bound to fall prey to diseases and disorders. The most important aspect of your personal hygiene that you probably understand is proper cleaning of your hands before and after meals. If you don’t keep your hands cleaned every day, then it may become an abode of germs and microorganisms that can enter in your body through food or other consumable things.

Though, cleaning your hands with soap is the best remedy to keep your hands clean, but there are times and situations when you can’t carry soaps along with you and still need something to clean your hands with. In such conditions sanitizers can be of great help. Sanitizers are generally prepared by the solution of gels, alcohols, glycerin and other acidic agents. Hand sanitizers are rinse-free that means you don’t need to wash your hands after applying them and they do not dry out your hands as soap does.

There are many kinds of hand sanitizers available in the market, but most of them contain various alcoholic solutions like ethanol, isopropanol or n-propanol which can be harmful for your hands and skin if used for a long run. However, you can buy high-quality hand sanitizer from GermBloc® which is a leading brand and a market leader in producing alcohol-free hand sanitizers in Lotion, Spray and Foam. All kinds of sanitizers that the company produces are approved by dermatologists and meet the hand hygiene protocol laid down by FDA & CDC. Their hand sanitizers are genuinely hygienic and kill 99.99% of bacteria and microorganism within 15 seconds. Being free from alcohol it doesn’t give out harsh chemical like smell and leaves a moisturizing effect after sanitizing your hands. These hand sanitizer lotion and spray from GermBloc® are safe for children and your entire family as well, keeping them in a protective circle of hygiene throughout day.

About GermBloc®:

GermBloc® is a leading brand that manufactures and supplies alcohol free hand sanitizer made from a blend of antiseptic solutions, botanical extracts, vitamins and moisturizers that keep your hands clean all day. To order now, you can visit