Build a Self-Service Kiosk with ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software

ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software replaces the Windows shell to provide a secure self-service kiosk for displaying a specific application or website. It reduces maintenance time, locks down the computer and provides extensive customization features allowing you to provide a range of kiosk-type services from any computer running Windows. Since it completely replaces the system shell, it automatically blocks access to all drives and folders including the desktop, start menu and taskbar. This also completely blocks access to any system files as well as standard application menus to prevent hacking, unnecessary downtime and any other possible tampering with the system. For additional security, the kiosk software also runs in a limited user account. This prevents users from being able to access, modify or delete any important files required for Windows to operate. Additionally, files and viruses are deleted upon completed session.

Versatile Solution for Any Industry

Designed with versatility and ease of use in mind, ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software offers an ideal solution for a wide range of different industries. It’s ideal for Internet hotspot kiosks, providing in-store product information, queuing and guidance and much more. For example, airports, hotels and other public venues might use it for turning computers into single-purpose embedded check-in and reservation systems. Additionally, you can use it for facilitating customer loyalty programs by allowing customers to check their account balances and display special customer-specific offers. At the same time, the program provides everything you need to automate various tasks and ensure that customer privacy is protected throughout. Included all-in-one self-service features are a payment station, free or paid browsing service, secure browser and digital signage.

Create Customizable Service Portals with Ease

ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software provides everything you need to preserve your branding by customizing your portals in any way you see fit. Although you will have a simple start page theme to get started with, you can change and customize this as much as you want, either by displaying your own website or a purpose-made app. You can even create your own multilingual themes, making it the perfect solution for the international marketplace. Secure browser skins are also available for you to completely customize the look and feel of your browser, whether you want to change the colour, select larger browser buttons, make it more touchscreen-friendly and more. You can show or hide URLs, add a virtual keyboard, specify a default search engine, run the browser full-screen and take advantage of various other customization settings.

Custom Development Options

Using ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software to power your kiosk computers, the only limit is your imagination. You can even develop your own start menu using a familiar Windows-like environment that will also negate the need for any learning curve for your customers. Customers can use your applications either for free or for a fee, payable using the built-in system provided by ANTAMEDIA. Creating a specialized menu couldn’t be easier either, since you can simple create folders and drag files and shortcuts into them. ANTAMEDIA can also assist you with the development of a completely new custom built to meet the exact requirements of your business.

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