Broadcast Online Using Radio Automation Software

If you have a passion for music, then why not share it with the rest of the world by starting your own online radio station? SAM Broadcaster PRO provides you with everything you need to get started and operate an Internet radio station with ease. Thanks to an excellent set of innovative features that are easy to master, this radio automation software sports a minimal learning curve allowing you to get your radio station up and running within minutes. It has won no less than 21 awards, and it powers over 200,000 online radio stations in 150 countries. Combined with excellent customer support and regular updates, SAM Broadcaster PRO has become an undeniable industry leader in radio automation software. When you buy the program, you’ll also get free updates for a year.

Professional Software for Amateurs and Veteran Broadcasters Alike

SAM Broadcaster PRO presents a professional online radio broadcasting solution that is accessible to the masses thanks to its ease of use. The software includes a wide range of features designed to customize your radio stations and add special effects. Among these are a 5-band compressor, volume equalizer, gap eliminator, fade detector, cross fader and a limiter. It also works with a wide range of formats, so you shouldn’t need to worry about converting any of your audio collection to work with the program. Aside from common formats like MP3, SAM Broadcaster PRO also supports MP3PRO, Windows Media, AAC, AAC Plus and Ogg among others. You can also choose from various audio streaming servers including Cheapest Stream, Shoutcast 1 or 2, Icecast or Windows Media. Spacial, the developers of SAM Broadcaster PRO also provide their own servers.

Integrate Your Radio Station on Your Own Website

Integrating your online radio station with your website is a quick and straightforward job thanks to the widgets provided. No coding is necessary, since all you need to do is copy and paste the code provided into your website, and your radio station will be accessible to your visitors immediately. The customizable widget can display the title of the song you’re currently playing, and you can also let your visitors browse through the playlist or even your whole media library. SAM Broadcaster PRO also sports some useful social elements, such as the ability to let your listeners request songs. From your end, you’ll also be able to see useful statistical information, including playback history and listener numbers.

Whether you want to broadcast your own online radio station out of nothing more than a passion for music or you intend to do it for money, SAM Broadcaster PRO provides you with everything you need. While the radio automation software is designed to minimize the work required on your end, you’ll also have complete control whenever you need it. SAM Broadcaster PRO includes a powerful media library, full automation support and a whole wealth of other features and functions for a one-time fee of $299. There’s also a trial version available, which you can download at .

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