Aryan Marivani: Your Best Consultant for Vehicle Hydrographic Printing

Your vehicle is one of the dearest assets you own. Hence, you make sure that it is well taken care of and maintained properly. Apart from the maintenance, there’s a lot that you can do to your vehicle and the best is to get some custom coating applied on it by the process of hydrographics. Hydrographic printing or also referred as water transfer printing is the latest technology by which you can decorate and make your vehicle look different and more attractive. Hydrographics is not just restricted to vehicles, but it can also be applied on surfaces made up of plastic, metal, hard woods, and other surfaces. Also, one of the advantages of hydrographic printing is that it is highly durable and is designed to withstand time and nature.

However, when you plan to get your vehicle painted with the help of hydrographics, make sure that you consult someone who has been into this business so that he/she can help you out with the correct pattern of designing and films, which will complement the whole look of your vehicle. When you consider hydrographics, you must realize the fact that it won’t harm the actual paint of your vehicle. After all, it is a simple film dipping process that applies high definition patterns to complex, three dimensional surfaces.

In case, if you are someone who is planning to go for hydrographics process for your vehicle or any other products, make sure that you consult Aryan Marivani who turns out to be the CEO of EPTEX Coatings which is premier industrial coatings equipment manufacturer & supplier. Be it fabrication, water transfer painting, automation projects and Industrial Coatings Processes, Aryan Marivani can help you out with the services. He has assisted in over 500 projects and hence you can always trust him when it comes to efficiently turning your visual concept into reality.

He also happens to possess an experience of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering. Not just the technical skills, but Aryan Marivani also possesses some of the creative skills that include designing and fabrication. He also can help you out business management and troubleshooting services.