Are Phone Calls Better For Your Business Than Lead Forms

Every marketer knows the painful process of optimizing a lead form. For a long time lead forms were considered the bread and butter of lead generation. In today’s mobile world things are changing. Calls are beginning to play a bigger role in the world of quality lead generation. Marketer can use call tracking, IVR systems, and CRMs to turn their call marketing into a money making machine. Here are just two reasons why calls are becoming more important


Faster Response

With calls you get to talk to your prospect immediately. You don’t have to wait for them to give you their information. You don’t have to call them back at a later time when it’s probably not convenient for them. It all happens now – when the customer needs you and has time.


Conversion Rates

Lead forms may get you any kind of leads that can very in their level of readiness to buy. However, with calls customers are almost always ready to purchase. Studies show that people spend more money over the phone than online. However, for optimal results you need a good call automation company that will qualify and rout calls in the most effective way. For more information, contact , the leading performance marketing platform.