Any to PDF – An Answer to All Your Prayers!

We tend to deal with a number of internet pages and documents on a regular basis, be it the word document or the all important email page. Out of so many file formats on disposal, PDF format undoubtedly wins the competition for various obvious reasons – ease of access and security to name a few. But not all files are available in this format. The only option here is converting these to PDF. And why to look anywhere else, when we have CoolUtils with us? The solution provided by the CoolUtils goes by the name of CoolUtils Converter. This is a very efficient tool to convert any to PDF for archiving, migration, e-discovery, tax audits and so on.

Forget about those times when you had to run several apps to process your files. Coolutils Converter is effective for making a number of conversions. You can convert your doc files to PDF, emails to PDF format, HTML pages to PDF and TIFF to PDF. This makes it a multi-purpose utility tool that serves as an easy solution for a range of formats. The any to PDF converter from CoolUtils works as a bunch of separate file converters.

Email conversion is one of the most exciting features about this CoolUtils Converter where all your emails from Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail and alike can be converted to PDF. Further, you also have the option to add page counters and texts to each of the PDF pages according to your convenience. This ensures that you can stamp your document with ease. Image watermarks are supported too, so you can add your logo to each page of the output PDF. This is not it! It has a lot more to offer – check for yourself!

The CoolUtils Converter is a convenient program. It can be operated via GUI or command line, making it a user friendly option. The work flow is intuitive. The left panel of the tool gives you a set of locations for different files. Once you select the file to be converted, you have to choose the ‘Any to PDF’ key and the destination folder and you are set. Add all the options and click on ‘Start’ and wait till you get the output file within seconds. A server version with ActiveX is also available.

Just think how fast and efficient can your e-discovery and production become. Now you can put any documents regardless of their file types into one queue and convert them to PDF with bates stamps, watermark or the security settings you need. Many parallegals, legal secretaries, tax advisers have already chosen Coolutils Converter. Start your free 30-day trial today.

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