An Overview on Escorts in Dubai

So you have just landed at the exotic heart of the universe and all that is left is to have an exotic girl accompany you in your stay in Dubai. Don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place. We will help you get the right experience with these tips to getting an escort.

With the internet everywhere and tons of girls posting pictures, some real and some fake, it gets even harder to know who the real deal is.  You may lack the time to read through all the profiles and try to siphon through the pile of information for each and every girl. If you are a newbie it may take you up to five hours just to get a girl for an hour.

If it is your first time, then an agency is the best way forward in learning what to go for and look out for. You can use search engines such as Google or Bing and enter Dubai Escorts as your search term. The first agencies that will pop up are those that have paid the highest fee and are most likely successful with a longer experience in the business as well as a good source of women.  Check out their pictures and adverts, if they appear too gorgeous and extremely professional, the likelihood is that the photos are not the real escorts that will show up.

Start by writing down five contact numbers from five different escort agencies. Call each of the agencies two days to the day you want to hire. For example if you arrive in Dubai on Monday and would want to have some night of fun on Saturday, then call on Thursday. You will ask the following questions when making the call:

1.  Is the girl whose picture is posted on your website the same one that will arrive at my hotel? Expect the answer to be yes, if it turns out she is not, then you will not use the agency the next time.

2.  Do you accept credit cards or are your terms on cash basis only? If you do accept credit cards, how will it appear on my bill? It is highly recommended that you use cash as credit cards always leave a paper trail.

3. Will the escort be discrete and decently dressed? Again, expect a yes and in case she turns up dressed like a ‘ho’ don’t use the agency services again.

Based on your interaction with the escort agency’s management, decide on the agency you will use. If the management is obnoxious, bored, puts you on long waits, is short tempered, aggressive, or sounds uncouth, cross off the agency from your list. The management’s attitude is a clear sign of the agency’s as well as the girl’s attitude. If you dislike the management you will most likely be disappointed with the girl.

When you zero in on a quality escorts Dubai agency that has quality personnel, then you can rest assured that your stays in UAE will always be fun filled and memorable.

Dana Dubai is the author of this article on Oman Escorts. Find more information, about Qatar Escorts here

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