American Furniture: The Advantages of Handmade Furniture

home2Handcrafted furniture is not the only kind of American furnishings sold under that name. There are basically three kinds of home furnishings provided by American furniture stores:

Foreign Made

Furniture produced out of the USA, and sold by American furniture retailers. These can be high quality pieces, handmade in the UK to exacting requirements or inexpensively assembled in the Far East and of fairly low quality. Not all Far Eastern furniture is of poor quality, and much of the stuff coming out of China is great, but it is not made in America.

Built in the USA

Furniture assembled in the U.S.A, but from foreign parts or wood. The parts have been pre-manufactured outside America, like much of America’s automobile industry uses parts made in Japan or Korea. It might be simpler to find spares for recliners and other practical furnishings than items made and constructed outside the USA, however not always.

Made in America

This handmade furnishings is made totally in America from American wood and home-made parts. You will not find it as simple to find this kind of furnishings as you may think, given that not all screws, nails and other metal parts may have been sourced in the USA. However, the item is basically American, made in the USA for mainly U.S. made parts and certainly from American wood. Parts are easy to get if your reclining chair stops reclining!

None of this suggests that the furnishings concerned is not handmade, although much foreign furniture, and some American furnishings, is made by robotics. True handcrafted American furnishings is used by a variety of well-known traditional firms such as Stickley, Sherrill, Southwood, The Custom Shoppe, Merely Amish and American Artisan.

Handmade Amish Furniture

In fact, many Amish furniture is handcrafted by Amish individuals residing in private neighborhoods whose work is marketed by regional or national furniture stores or distributors. Take Merely Amish, for instance. This company is located in Arcola Illinois, and the majority of the furnishings they provide is handmade by artisans and females within 20 miles of their distribution center. They utilize wood from sustainable forests situated no further than 500 miles away.

This an example of local men and women handcrafting stunning strong wood furnishings, and able to offer it through a central retail outlet such as Merely Amish, which in turn markets the furnishings through regional mirrored furniture distributors and sellers. That’s exactly what Made in America is expected to indicate!

Benefits of Handmade Furniture

There are many advantages of purchasing handmade American furniture. A major advantage is quality: sure, some furniture made by hand can be of very poor quality, however firms such as Merely Amish do not market poor quality goods, and such products would be returned as ‘unsellable.’ It is not the individual ‘artisan’ predominantly at risk, however the sellers and their providers.

That is why the more reputable American furniture sellers will market only the very best handcrafted furnishings along with their mass-produced basic stock. Handmade American furnishings is constructed utilizing traditional woodworking standards as utilized by the master cabinet makers of years passed: guys such as Thomas Sheraton, Gustav Stickley and Duncan Phyfe.

Wood and How it is Jointed

Choosing the proper wood is an art in itself, and fashioning a stylish furniture piece using conventional woodworking joints that is as tough and strong as you need it to be suggests a master-craftsman. This is the quality only achievable with handmade furniture, no matter where it is crafted.

Britain, the U.S.A and Scandinavia are kept in mind for the high quality of their workmanship, and France, Germany and Holland have all had their minutes in furniture history. Today it is primarily the first mentioned three that provide most of the higher-end handmade furniture. It is challenging to beat the craftsmanship of American furniture companies such The Custom Shoppe, American Craftsman and Stickley, while Southwood are without doubt the premier manufacturer of reproduction furnishings in the USA.

There are lots of Amish furnishings retailers that market items that have been handcrafted by individual artisans, utilizing the conventional techniques handed downed from daddy to kid. The old jointing strategies are the very best because they have been devised in time to offer the strongest and most long-lasting joint in between 2 or more pieces of wood.

No screws or nails can match an effective tenon or dovetail joint for strength and enduring qualities. They will still be bearing weight when the metallic joints have actually all rusted away! There are few doubts in the minds of those that buy it that handmade furniture is the greatest type of American furniture available today – it is almost impossible to beat handcrafted American furnishings for strength and looks.