All You Need to Know About Enterprise User Security

The administration of database calls for a lot of responsibilities. Provisioning and de-provisioning are the necessary task of everyday. For other working hours, administrator assigns roles and privileges, and reset passwords.

It those database administrators who ensure the freshness and the accuracy of the information. They keep all the information secured for the enterprise. This is the reason why they spend most of their time in provisioning, and de-provisioning. There other jobs are to allow privileges and granting roles across different databases. These administrators are the ones who save a lot of time of the users by resetting new passwords.


There are some oracle consultancy services companies who have specialized in the Oracle Enterprise User Security. These people know all the techniques to handle environments with multiple databases. Even the ones that are comprised of thousands of database user accounts. Plus, they assist the ones who already have Oracle Services.

The benefits you get from the database administrator

There is a long list of benefits that you get from a database administrator. However, a few most important ones are as follows.

  • They help you to use the same password on all the database accounts.
  • They can create an Enterprise User Security plan to provide the same expiration and password rules as the user’s network password.

These are just two of the many benefits of having a database administrator. They usually hear the requests of the clients and then create an appropriate and suitable Enterprise User Security strategy to fulfil all their needs and wants.

The Benefits Oracle Enterprise User Security

  • When it comes to database user management, Oracle Enterprise User Security proves to be very convenient in order to simplify everything. The method of simplification here is to centralize all of the databases with the Directory Services.

The user gets plenty of benefits from this method. The single password with same password rules that are established in the directory makes the process of handling the databases very easy. The management facilities help the user to manage privileges, credentials, and provision, de-provision processes.

  • Due to the fact that there are single passwords for different databases, the risk of security breach gets reduced to almost minimum level.
  • The organization gets a strong security and compliance management of database. The administrators keep an eye on the authentication processes and manage the process of authorization.
  • It helps you in the maximum utilization of group allocations and credentials.
  • Centralizes hundreds or thousands of databases to a single directory.
  • A single connector of Oracle identity manager becomes easier with this process.

Things you need to use this facility

There are some important things that one should have to use this facility.

  • A license for the directory services of Oracle.
  • A directory from Oracle. For example- OID, OUD, or OVD.
  • A plan for mapping, auditing, provisioning, de-provisioning, and group designs in the directory.

By using this system, you ensure the security of the database of your company. It improves the management process and makes everything very easy for the users.