All That You Need To Know About The Bloomingdale Office Rentals & The Day Offices

Looking for ready-to-use and fully serviced offices for rent, without the usual high set-up costs? Bloomingdale Office Rentals is the perfect answer. Approximately 25 miles west of Chicago, there is a village in DuPage called Bloomingdale. Residents enjoy big city advantages in a small town environment with a population of over 22,000. Bloomingdale is a full-service community which allows access to first-class schools, abundant entertainment opportunities, situated between lots of open spaces, while boasting a wide and varied retail and commercial/industrial base. To preserve Bloomingdale Office Rentals comfortable ambience and exceptional quality of life, commercial, office and retail improvements have been thoughtfully combined into the community.

The Day Offices is a flexible shared office space in Bloomingdale, IL open to anyone who would love a place to meet and work without the high expense of monthly rent. The space is uniquely designed with 4 private offices and an open meeting room. The individual offices provide a comfortable place for one person to work privately and are spacious enough for groups of 2-5 to meet collaboratively.

What’s Covered For Members?

Members who opt for Small office space for rent get more flexibility, cheaper hourly rates, and early admittance to the booking calendar.

The biggest gain for members is getting a set number of hours a rate lower than the $5 rate for Guests. Members can get a rate as low as $3.33 per hour! When you are a Member on a plan, you can utilize your hourly credits to book any number of hours any day. There is no 2-hour minimum for members. When your hours are used up for the month, you can continue to book at the standard $5 hourly rate.

The Day Offices in Bloomingdale is offering a limited number of plans to Members who wish to utilise the space on a regular basis. There are only 15 plans available so get them before they are gone. The members can choose between the below plans.

25 hour plan $100/mo – 5 Available – $4.00 per hr rate
40 hour plan $150/mo – 5 Available – $3.75 per hr rate
60 hour plan $200/mo – 5 Available – $3.33 per hr rate

If you go for option 2 to be a Guest, then you can book an office for $5/hour (min. 2 hrs for $10 and max $38/day). Just enroll on the website to get access to the booking calendar.

The Day Offices are designed to cater to a wide host of professional requirements. If you are on the move and need an instant office for a day or just require a professional setting to meet with clients, selecting The Day Offices in Bloomingdale provides you with the benefits of:

Leasing an office for exactly as long as you need – a day, week, or month.
Completely equipped instant offices with the latest technology.
Efficient administrative support from extremely professional staff.
Excellent collaborating opportunities with flexible co-working spaces and video conferencing studios.
The flexibility of working for the day – whenever, wherever.

The concept of shared offices is set as an option to set up an office or business identity. This solution renders office space, facilities, and equipment to manage extra costs and only paying for services as needed. Within ten years, fast growth in technology has given shared offices with tremendous opportunities in developing new products and services.

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