Afternoon boat tour

Afternoon boat tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica



If you prefer having a boat tour in the afternoon, then worry no more as it is not impossible in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Just like the Catamaran tour, it offers snorkeling, a spacious cruise for everyone, and if you are lucky enough, you would get a glimpse of whales and playful dolphins so don’t forget to bring your camera!

As we all know, Costa Rica is abundant in terrestrial as well as marine wildlife. Plenty of white sand beaches, tropical forests, wild rivers and magnificent waterfalls are spotted along the vicinity of the area. An afternoon boat tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica would give you an opportunity to witness the legendary sunset of the island as you sail past offshore and discover more about the marine life on their area.

Aside from dolphins and whales, you can also get a glimpse of fishing prowess as they tend to dive into the water and quickly fly with a fish on their beaks. There are some instances that the Giant Sea Turtle will appear and that would be another reason to go for an afternoon boat tour.

As the cruise anchors in the Jungle Bay, do not ever miss a chance to go snorkeling because that would be a great opportunity to witness a wide variety of fish around you. A certified and well-trained guide will assist you into the reef and let you wander in amazement underwater.

End the day with the legendary sun set in the horizon. This is where you can find relaxation; a living proof that you are in a paradise in Costa Rica.