A Closer Look at AdroitSSD

adroitssd_nFirst things first. What is SSD? It’s actually short for Solid State Drives and when you have an SSD based server, you get faster access time for your databases, websites and e-commerce applications. The following are the main advantages of AdroitSSD over other options:

1. It’s very fast.

With Solid State Drives, you get faster speeds compared to HDDs because there’s no physical movement needed. This in turn means there’s no latency in the access of data.

Not only that, it also ensures faster data transfer speeds. With HDD, the moving parts slow down the performance of the drive. But as we’ve mentioned, there is no moving parts with SSD. You get more disk space so you can host more videos and images, as well as better handle high traffic.

2. It protects your data.

Any webmaster understands the importance of securing data online. With AdroitSSD, you get a highly secured storage facility. Unlike with HDD which can put you at risk of losing data, with SSD there’ no need to worry. There are no moving parts, remember? That means factors concerning data loss can be avoided.

3. It’s eco-friendly.

HDD is comprised of components that are mechanical in nature and this in turn uses up more power. With the SSD stable memory chips, you use up less power without compromising speed and performance.

4. It’s more stable.

The use of SSD means you don’t skip data during decryption and encryption so every bit of information is safe.

5. It fights threats.

Malwares, spywares, viruses, crashes and network failures are completely reduced. It’s even possible to avoid them entirely.

6. It’s more durable.

Solid state drives use microchip technology that is more durable thus increasing the longevity of your drive and helping prevent high costs of repairs and replacements.

7. It’s more reliable.

The technology used in SSD is significantly better than HDD. Enough said.

If you own an online business and are looking for reliable cloud hosting, consider using AdroitSSD Bangladesh. The hosting offered by AdroitSSD is isolated with many different servers acting as a single unit. In cases of hardware issues, your website will continue to run because it will be loaded into another server so there’s no downtown to worry about.

The great thing with this hosting option is that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspect of maintaining your servers. You can led the professionals handle it by availing of their hosting service. As your website grows, you can also take advantage of their fully scalable hosting so that you’ll never have to worry about how much traffic your website can handle without affecting page loading times or user experience.

For a secure, reliable and really fast hosting, choose AdroitSSD.


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