Address Verification: Keep Your Customer Data Up-to-Date

According to a recent study from Byteplant, a leading provider of USPS address verification and international address validation services (, customer address data degrades at a very high rate of more than 27% every year.

Addresses in customer databases and CRM systems quickly become invalid or outdated – maintaining good data quality is a major challenge for every business:

+ UK’s Royal Mail destroys 25 million mails every year due to errors in the postal address.

+ In the USA more than 5% of the total mail volume are undeliverable and the number of returned mail is increasing year after year.

The solution is quick and easy to implement – Byteplant offers Address Verification for international addresses in 240+ countries worldwide with a batch/list upload and an online validation API for integration in web forms and online applications.

The best way to capture good leads is of course to verify contact information like email, phone number and address directly at the point of entry. That is the reason why many businesses have decided to integrate Byteplant’s online address validation API directly into the signup or registration forms on their websites. This enables new contacts to correct errors in their data instantly, with the benefit that only valid contact information is accepted – ensuring high data quality standards consistently and allowing businesses to stay in touch with their existing and prospective customers.

On top of that, Byteplant’s new Address List Validator tool now makes it very easy to verify addresses from databases, CRM systems and Excel sheets:

+ Address verification for U.S. and Canadian addresses (USPS/CASS certified)

+ International address validation for 240+ countries worldwide

+ Correction, standardization and re-formatting of addresses according to international standards

+ Duplicate detection

About Byteplant

Since 2003, Byteplant has quickly gained international success and a worldwide reputation as a provider of cost-efficient and easy-to-use email management and data validation solutions. Byteplant’s software products and services are used by customers of all sizes from small businesses to large publicly listed companies and government agencies in more than 100 countries worldwide.
Based in Neuendettelsau, Bavaria/Germany, Byteplant is a privately held Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

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