A Full-Featured JavaScript Framework for all Browsers and Devices

Building user-friendly and compelling applications for websites and mobile devices poses many challenges, and you’ll need to make use of a number of dynamic technologies to ensure a compatible, reliable and widely adopted solution. As such, there’s no single component that, by itself, provides everything you need. Instead, the best solution comes in the form of a comprehensive package designed from the ground up by experts in the field. To greatly improve your productivity and deliver Web-based and mobile apps of the highest standard, JavaScript Framework Shield UI provides everything you need in a single convenient package. It includes various server-side platform wrappers as well, including JAVA, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC for compatibility with a wider range of platforms.

Dozens of Useful Widgets

For streamlined development of mobile and website apps, the included ShieldUI component gives users a wide range of controls for building and customizing HTML5 components. The HTML5 and JavaScript charts provided offer developers a feature-rich data visualization function that allows you to choose from 23 different chart times. ShieldUI also includes a barcode and QR code suite for intuitive data encoding and rendering. Other features and widgets include the Tree Map, Tag Cloud, Grid, Accordion, Auto Complete, Context Menu, Loading Panel and much more. All of these intuitive and professionally designed widgets and components allow you to streamline your projects and greatly speed up app development. These components are available for all supported application wrappers for excellent compatibility and ease of development. You can find a full list of all widgets included at http://www.shieldui.com and obtain the code necessary to integrate them into your app.

Online Reports

Easy collaboration with others working on your projects is important for getting the job done quickly and efficiently and, most importantly, meeting software publication deadlines. JavaScript Framework Shield UI provides full support for online reports, allowing you to share important information with your team no matter where they are located in the world. The software suite integrates the popular Reportivo online reporting service, allowing you to easily create, publish and share online reports generated from a wide variety of sources, such as Microsoft Excel or CSV documents. Additionally, creating and configuring your graphs and reports is a simply and intuitive process that does not require any special technical knowledge.

Streamlined Application Development Made Easy

Ultimately, JavaScript Framework Shield UI is designed to save you time by way of a constantly expending product that offers both excellent performance and extensive customizability. Getting started with the framework is easy for anyone who is familiar with JavaScript development, in which case the learning curve is minimal. There is also an extensive documentation provided on the website above, and customer support is available whenever you need it.

The ShieldUI Complete package provides free updates for one year as well as support for JS and HTML5, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Alternatively, if you only use one of the above development environments, you can purchase a discounted package specific to that application wrapper. Additional packages are available for those with more specific requirements.

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