3 Week Diet

The perfect diet

Why to choose

The truth is that there are many diets that we can do. The diet but I chose has the following advantages:

1 Lose about 1 pound per week in total safety, according to the World Health Organization a loss of around 4-5 kilos a month is an ideal solution for ensuring good health of the organization.

2 Is filling and can be extended for as long as we want (depending on the pounds you want to lose), because it is balanced, i.e. contains foods from all the food groups, in order to not deprive ourselves of any nutrient.

3 it is practical in application and contains mostly food that can be consumed by the whole family, without entering into the process to prepare something special for our 3 week diet review.


The energy efficiency of the diet is 1,300-1,500 calories for women. If the calories of this diet you look a few for your height and the intense daily physical activity, you can increase your energy intake by 100 or 200 calories, depending on how many extra calories you need, including in your diet more snacks or increasing a little quantity of some foodstuffs. As an indication, some snacks of 50-70 calories is:

* 2 crackers or 2 biscuits or 1 slice of bread or raw vegetables (carrot, celery, cucumber) with 30 g. creamy low-fat cheese or 2 small dried plums.

Snacks of 100-120 calories are:

* 1 cup milk (1.5% fat) or 1 small banana (or other fruit).
If, however, you believe that instead of increasing the calories, you must reduce them, because of your height or due to reduced physical activity, you can achieve by reducing overall quantities of all kinds of food, not omitting entire meals. You can, for example, instead of 2 fruit juice to eat 1 small fruit.


Now if you are male, the diet can be converted into a 1,500-1,800 calories adding to every day:

1 meat equivalent: 30 Gr. Chicken (or fish or beef or pork) or 1 boiled egg or 30 Gr. cheese lean

2 bread/cereal equivalent 2 bread slices or 1 cup rice or 1 cup of spaghetti or 2 medium potatoes or 1 cup of breakfast cereal
1 piece of fruit

For guaranteed success

* You can consume dinner dish at noon and vice versa, but you cannot exchange lunch one day with lunch or dinner another, nor to eat lunch with dinner together, because that would spoil the balance in meals.

* The hours of meals the specify yourself, depending on your daily activities.

* You can Freely add to foods pepper, lemon, vinegar, mustard, condiments, fresh aromatic and controlled salt or drinking coffee, tea or other herbal teas without sugar.

* Every time the diet recommends you meat, choose lean cuts. The grams laid down have been calculated in pure baked boneless meat.

* The success of any diet is grounded enough in programming, especially when there is a time limit. That’s why, if you don’t have much time on our hands, it would be during the week to cook larger amounts, and to use the freezer, other and cooler to store food that will eat later.

We can, for example, when we prepare legumes (e.g. lentils, beans, chickpeas), to hold a quantity of them after boiling in water and to cook when you are in the program. In this way, you save half the preparation time. If you also fail to cut and prepare salad of fresh vegetables, boil Greens or broccoli or spinach or cauliflower and store in the fridge so you don’t have to cut every time fresh vegetables.